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Biography & CV


b. 1987, Ganja, Azerbaijan

He lives and works in Baku

Vusal Rahim is a multidisciplinary, multimedia artist and performer. Trained as a theater designer, he studied in the department of Theatre and Decorative Design at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts in the workshop of People’s Artist Kamil Najafzadeh from 2007 to 2011. He chiefly works in painting, graphic art, decorative theatre and stage design, video art, photography and sculpture, often involved in more than one medium simultaneously, with numerous different techniques.
In his art work, Vusal expresses a unique perspective on figurative images, using the human form as his inspiration. Through this lens, he analyzes social expectations and gender roles, illuminating things which are often buried deep within the cultural memory. Through the embodied form, both individually and together as families, he confronts major life questions about culture, identity, gender and societal values. He illuminates the friction between spoken and unspoken taboos, and through his work invites viewers to examine their own agency within their culture.
Key features of his style are the deconstruction of human images and their unconventional reconstruction using a large and imaginative palette. Viewers of his works are challenged to consider how we take the human form for granted and how changes in form and colour can introduce vastly different impressions and suggestions about people as individuals and in social groups. His education and continued involvement in theatrical costume and stage design can be seen in his work through the application of vivid colour and deliberate, confident lines, that give his paintings a starkly dramatic, theatrical look. 


Personal exhibition

25.01-11.02-2018  "NURCAN" / Yarat / at the ARTIM Project Space / Baku, Azerbaijan

15-18.05.2017  "MY NAME IS SARAH" /ADO Theatre-Collective / Baku, Azerbaijan

14.06-14.07.2013 "BLACK WOMAN" / YAY! Gallery / Baku, Azerbaijan


Group exhibitions

2019 To Be a Woman / TAF • Tbilisi Art Fair / Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 A Doll’s House group exhibition / Kapellhaus, Projects of Goethe-Institut in Azerbaijan/ Baku, Azerbaijan

2018 presents Vusal Rahim and Gunel Ravilova ''Asli and Karam Apartment N9''. / Baku, Azerbaijan

2017 “4 exhibitions” / Baku, Azerbaijan

16-30.09.2017 “Urban Olum” Art Prospect Public Art Festival / Baku, Azerbaijan

2016 “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME” experimental performance. /Yarat / at the ARTIM Project Space / Baku, Azerbaijan

24-27.05.2016 .Nakhcivan III International Art Festival / Nakhcivan Azerbaijan

2015 “Candy mountains and oil coasts” Exhibition of modern Azerbaijani art held in Perm / Perm, Russia

2015 International PLATONOV ARTS FESTIVAL / Voronezh, Russia

22 May – 17 July 2015 presents Caitlin Aasen (St. Louis) and Vusal Rahim (Baku) DUET Gallery / St. Louis, USA

2014 BACARART project / Baku. Azerbaijan

2014 “Blue Background”, YAY Gallery /  Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 Art action "The Circle of Peace" / Tbilisi, Georgia

16-20.06. 2013 II International "From Waste to Art" Gala archeological and ethnographic museum / Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 “Home, sweet home...” / YARAT! Contemporary Art Space, Azerbaijan Cultural Center Paris / Paris, France

2012 Opening Ceremony of Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Paris / Paris, France

2012 “Commonist” Contemporary Art Exhibition, YARAT! Contemporary Art Space / Baku, Azerbaijan

2012 “Energy of Art" /  Baku, Azerbaijan

2012 IV International Symposium on Turkic Culture, Art and Cultural Heritage / Milan, Italy

2011 “Iz” (“Trace”), Azerbaijan National Museum of History /  Baku, Azerbaijan

2008-2009 Exhibition on theater decorative design and painting / Baku,Azerbaijan


Stage and decorative design experience

2018 ""Three versions of an assassinated murder"" . Azerbaijan State Yug Theatre. Director-producer: Mehriban Alekbazade. Theater designer ( set and costume designer): Vusal Rahim / Baku, Azerbaijan

2018 "Paris exploded" ESA theater / On the stage of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Director: Elshan Asgarov. Theater art (sets and costume designer): Vusal Rahim / Baku, Azerbaijan

2018 "Nuri-dide Ceyhun" . Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre. Director-producer: Mehriban Alekbazade. Theater designer ( set and costume designer): Vusal Rahim / Baku, Azerbaijan

2014 Charles Peron "Sleeping Beauty and the Dwarves" musical . Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre. Director-producer: Elshad Rahimzade. Theater designer ( set and costume designer): Vusal Rahim   / Baku, Azerbaijan

2014 "Golden Wedding" Operetta , Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre. Director-producer: Joseph Akbarov. Theater designer ( set designer): Vusal Rahim / Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 “ASHKHASH” performance based on a play by Abdulla Shaig. Joint art project by Baku Children’s Theater and “MIRAS” Support to Cultural Heritage Study Public Union implemented on the stage of Baku Children’s Theater. Director-producer: Intigam Soltan. Theater designer ( set and costume designer): Vusal Rahim / Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 “Impostures of Scapeni” by Jean Baptiste Moliere. A comedy in two acts. 103-rd theatrical season. A performance by Azerbaijan State Theater of Comedy on the stage of Samed Vurgun Russian Drama Theater. Director-producer: Asgar Asgarov. Theater designer ( set and costume designer): Vusal Rahim / Baku, Azerbaijan 

2012 Celebration of 140-th anniversary of Mammad Said Ordubadi. A concert on the stage of Muslim Magomayev Baku Philharmonic. Director-producer: Asgar Asgarov. Set designer: Vusal Rahim / Baku, Azerbaijan



2013 "Stolen Dreams" serial sections Director-producer: Osman Albayrak, Art director: Vusal Rahim  / Azerbaijan,Baku

2011-2012 “A flower in mist”. 13-part TV series featuring Azeri and Turkish actors. Public Television of Azerbaijan. Art director of 6-13 series: Director-producer: Mehmet Ulukan, Art director: Vusal Rahim, Sabuhi Atababayev / Baku, Azerbaijan