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15-18.05.2017 “My name is Sarah” /ADO Theatre-Collective / Baku, Azerbaijan

Vusal Rahim’s personal exhibition 15.May.2017 “My name is Sarah” ADO Theatre - Collective is pleased to invite you to the opening of the Vusal Rahim’s personal exhibition 15.May.2017 at 19:00 “My name is Sarah” is about the life story of a person told by the artist. “Sarah” is a generalized character and everyone can tell by their story by using this name.. The subject of women has been one of the main topics of Vusal’s work since the beginning of his creative career. Women’s inner spiritual and psychological workings are delicately addressed in his paintings and graphic works – which later includes household problems that are then further developed in his installations. Focusing on this subject for several years has dramatically re-shaped the artist’s creative approach to it. Brief info about the artist: Vusal Rahim received his artistic education from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art. Hisartworks have been exhibited in Azerbaijan and abroad. His solo exhibition Black Woman was held at YAY Gallery (Baku, Azerbaijan) in 2013.