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Art Therapy in Women’s and Children’s Shelter Art therapy

Mədəni Niyyət (Cultural Intent) as a charity platform founded in 2015, realizes its mission with its projects in various sides of culture. The platform ensures active involvement of people who feel dismissed from society into cultural life of society through its ongoing projects. Ongoing projects: • Art Therapy in the Republican Psychiatric Hospital #1 This program provides patients of the hospital with workshops leaded by young artists. All products made by workshop participants together with the artists will be brought to the charity markets. In fact, there are currently several artists among the patients of the hospital. ( Fun fact: art therapy is one of the leading tools for psychiatric treatment) • Art Therapy in Women’s and Children’s Shelter Art therapy with the artist Vusal Rahim for children, who were the victims of domestic violence. Together with the artists kids have painted the bookcase, which is now standing in one of the top city restaurants. The purpose of this project is to collect books and any study materials for children from the regions (project is realised in collaboration with Global Shapers Baku). • Art courses for the children in orphanages • The program for the children in orphanages includes lectures, workshops by professionals of different sides of art. Within this program kids are having a chance to visit to museums with their lecturers. These courses are giving children a broad understanding of art of the world and Azerbaijan, as well as having a great impact on their creative thinking. The program covers a period of one year with 6 specialists in art.