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“My name is Sarah” Vusal Rahim 2015


“My name is Sarah” is a concept I came up with in 2015. The series consists of 300 doll collages, 4 sculptures, 10 paintings (oil on canvas, 200 x 150cm) and installation of big sized dolls. The root of this story is how a saint and pure creature becomes dirty, showing the fight that goes on inside. It shows the destruction, split of pure values, psychological stress, various gender differences, and the ugliness that sticks to the soul of that battling naivety through the lifetime, and I think that my works from dolls perfectly reflect this. The name of the series and the original theme are based on the story written by me in 2012. The story tells about the last day of a 40 years old woman of easy virtue, who deals with herself, questioning her lifestyle, society, values 
of family and humanity. Main character of the story Sarah, who despite of being 40 years old, physically looks older of her age and it seems her life has already ended. Collages in “My name is Sarah” are tearing apart naïve appearance of toys for children , creating again various asymmetric, dirty, ugly forms, that also reflects sexuality. Everyone, regardless the gender, can find his story in “My name is Sarah”, either it is your physical or inner story. Besides of all these stories, “My name is Sarah” is my image as well. Through metaphor I am making it more dramatic, showing my character through puzzled image. In this Image of me I am hiding my autobiography and self-portrait.