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“Songs Without Words: Dialogue” videoart Vusal Rahim 2017 (1 video, 02:56 min, each)


Since the very beginning of life up to now we have been surrounded by “Dialogue” every minute and every second, always. Surrounding us constantly, “Dialogue” seems to exist, yet it is not our being. That is, a dialogue exists as some kind of creature, yet it is invisible. And we have started this project with wishing to give this “invisible creature” a body. There are different kinds of dialogue: one which will challenge each other face to face, make one to bow in front of other, the one you will carry on your shoulders through your life; the one that will “burn” you; and finally, the one, at the end of which, you will wish “to give your soul” to the person you are talking to. This video visualizes artist’s dialogue with his sculpture.