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“Story of My Body” video art Vusal Rahim 2016-2018


About this project I started to think from 2016 and I did some experiments. First of all, this project is expression of my life story. Because, I didn’t accept my body defects and I lived with big psychological complexes. I thought that with the project “Story of my body” I can reflect the different people ‘s stories in a creative way. These stories will be pronounced in simple words by the heros of story 
with congenital or obtained disabilities. And this voice records will be added to the video art that filmed with their personal participation. The videos and voice records also should be  totally opposite. Sometimes this videos should be some dreams, fairytales, some mythological character or ecranization of some classic masterpiece. “Story of my body” should be consist of  6-7 video art or photo-series.